A New Found Freedom.
Giving vintage Airstream
caravans a new and better
quality of life.

We’re busy at work restoring
refitting and restyling and we
will be updating the website
all the time. Come back soon.

Mind how you go.
On The B-Road

Highways, byways, taking things my ways.
On the b-road.
A new found freedom.
Airstream, slipstream,
A stream at the end of my garden.
Me alone in a room of one’s own,
Footsteps from the house,
But a world away.
All I need,
A drinking place,
A thinking space,
My Savile Row shed,
Comfortable, cool, other.
And then I get the urge.
Slow, better, best,
Find my pitch,
Sit back, brew up,
Wonder at the scene,
This is the life,
Make no mistake.
A New Found Freedom.


Introducing 27 feet of pure
seduction. Choose you neighbours,
and if they get on your nerves, lose
your neighbours.


Another journey begins

Style. Poise. Grace. Detail. Craft. Quality. Comfort. Design. A vintage Airstream occupies a space all of its own. Nothing comes close. Except perhaps another vintage Airstream. Wally Byam was driven by a passion to build a beautiful, high quality trailer that met the needs of a new breed of adventurer with a wanderlust spirit. He didn’t want to sell people caravans. He wanted to sell them a new freedom.

We import the very best vintage Airstreams from the best US dealers. Then we restore and retrofit them to brief, giving our customers a new found freedom. A painful eye for detail. Total respect for the original. Extreme standards of craftsmanship. Insanely anal about all matters technical. That’s what you can expect, because that’s what a vintage Airstream deserves.

We are artisans and craftspeople driven by a desire to make the best even better. With a soft spot for the ukulele and a love of the great outdoors, we relentlessly pursue quality. We’ve got a workshop in Sussex which is great, but we dream of a beautiful, old Sussex village workshop where local lads are our apprentices and Harveys bitter is within smelling distance. ‘One day’, we say, ‘one day’.


Welcome to the art of slow

Got kids? Retired? Have a dog? A retired dog? A pack
of dog-eared cards? A surf board? A mountain bike? Love Hendrix? Hunter S. Thompson? Bonfires? Do you have that spirit of adventure and appreciate good design? Even a couple of yeses means bespoke is your thing. And a bespoke Airstream is about as good as it gets. So tell us how you’d like your vintage silver bullet to be, then sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Thanks to its unique blend of style and durability, the tortoise is a beguiling creature. And one with which the Airstream has much in common. All possessions are kept on board. It is ready to travel at a moment’s notice, yet it is always at home. There is no need to rush. Ever. Tortoises can live up to 150 years or more, which is why in some cultures they symbolise longevity. Just like the Airstream. 65% of all these trailers ever made are still being used today. Tow one and you’re king of the road. And king of your castle.


Excitement around every corner

Yesterday is gone.
Today you’re free.
Tomorrow's possible.

When you’re pulling an Airstream you don’t have to look for fun, thrills or romance. They’ll find you, wherever you are. Because wherever you are, you’re home. No compromise. No second best. ‘More haste, less speed’. The faster you try to do something the more likely you are to make mistakes, and the more mistakes you make the longer it will take you to do. So goodbye hare, say hello tortoise. Pace yourself, slowly. You’ve got all the time in the world. There’s always room for another bend, another hill, another landscape and another smile.

Light travels at 299,792,458 metres per second.
Who cares?


Follow the dreams

Here you can follow the journeys of each of our
Airstreams that have been sold and you can keep
to date with the adventures of each and every owner.

View photos, journals, maps and diary entries and
be inspired by the lives lead by the people who
have a found their freedom.

Coming soon.


Original 1963 Bambi,
from New Brighton,
Minnesota, USA.


Layout: Rear lounge / End washroon /
Center kitchen / Office.


Spartan manor
£35,995 GBP


Alien eyed. 1951 flying cloud
(very rare 15 rib unit only 20 ever made)
£16.500 GBP or with bespoke layout at 38.000 GBP


Silver streak


A New Found Freedom
Unit 2 Camberlot road
Upper Dicker
Nr Hailsham
East Sussex
BN27 3QG

Tel 01323 449146
Mob 07753 107974

Leave any thoughts, questions,enquiries or anything you might want to share with us here and we’ll endeavour to get back to you.


"We always dreamed about owning an Airstream and Alex and his company, "A New Found Freedom", turned that dream into a reality! We are the proud owners of a 1963 Airstream Bambi which has been amazingly restored and upgraded to comply with EU axle regulations and modern gas safety gas compliance.

We acquired the airstream as we embarked on a years sabatical to be spent touring Europe and Alex and his team were fantastic in helping us to prepare the Airstream for the year away. Nothing was too much trouble for them, as they patiently answered all of our queries, reminded us how to operate/undertake various appliances/tasks (i.e. even by phone from the Continent) and stored our possessions while we rushed around London trying to tie up loose ends before our departure.

However, this is all secondary to the quality of the work of Alex and his team. While we have been touring we have admired and viewed all manner of caravans and motorhomes which have been restored, updated or adapted and we have yet to see any work that reaches the standards of that produced by Alex and his team at "A New Found Freedom".

In addition, the comments of those who viewed our Airstream can only be described as very complimentary. Obviously we are the very biased owners, however, if you had to describe the Airstream as succinctly as possible "Show-stopper!" would be an apt description.

In conclusion we would highly recommend "A New Found Freedom" and Alex and his team!"



Original 1963 Bambi,
from New Brighton, Minnesota, USA.
Garaged kept most of its life.
Registered 9-5-1963.

Full original lifetime warranty cert intact.(see pictures). Presented with purchase. The finest example of an original Airstream Bambi in existence. Same model in the museum of modern art,New York.


16ft x 7ft, Full uk hitch,axel,road light conversion. Fully braked with alko stabilizer. Full ext polish (10yr guarantee) All original badges,ser no and lighting. New insulation. Fully etched primered with a internal paint scheme of sea foam green /white. Internal roof ribs exposed and highly polished. Complete bespoke walnut veneer Cabinets,with original door furniture. New antique look vinyl floor. All drawer fronts cleverly feathered in with antique tan, sussex sourced leather. (2X HIDES). L-shape sofa/bed. Original sink,taps,hob fridge. Fully ali lined wet room. Full circuit breaker and charging system,all 240v uk spec. External 240v inlet. Full tv aerial inlet. Full dvd,cd,radio with surround sound. Original lighting converted to 240v. New gas system with 8mm truma regulator meeting current standards. 240v/gas combi boiler feeding shower, kitchen. Original fresh water tank. Original toilet with foot flush mech, and waste tank.



Introducing 27 feet of pure seduction

Choose your neighbours, and if they get on your nerves, lose your neighbours. Today, people talk about mobile communications and the freedom it offers. The Airstream has always promised it. Get your work done, hitch this beauty up and hit the road, or the end of the garden. Grab a different view from your office window whenever you choose, while enjoying every last detail of artistry, craftsmanship and perfection. Designed to beguile. Built to last. Made to measure. Love the better life. Boundaries not included.

Layout: Rear lounge / End washroom / centre kitchen / office.
Price £ 57.995.00


Full uk axel/hitch/running gear/road light conversion. Full exterior polish. New insulation throughout. 240Vconsumer unit. 240v/12v Split charging system. On board fresh/waste tank, including mains water connection facility. 32 psi pump, mains pressure. Domestic standard, tap/shower assembly, air flow shower system. Bespoke sink unit, pop up waste. On board water heater, auto drain off valve. Discreet 240v refrigerator. Recessed 240v touch hob. 110ah leisure battery. 12v Low voltage l.e.d. up lighting. 12v external awning light. Full travel catch system to kitchen. 5.1 surround sound,blue ray player. 32" HD Flat screen tv inc swival arm.

All piping winterized. Fully insulated black out blinds,inc roof lights. Baseball lined leather ceiling. Antique look Vinyl floor. Pull out and lock desk top. Secret look, Full wet room. Thetford auto flush cassette toilet. Waste tank auto flush system. Memory foam matress, kingsize double bed.Wood burner



Spartan Manor

£35,995 GBP



Flying Cloud

Alien eyed. 1951 flying cloud
(very rare 15 rib unit only 20 ever made)
£16.500 GBP or with bespoke layout at 38.000 GBP



Simplicity doesn’t need to work hard

Second hand is good. Third and beyond is even better. Many of the first Airstreams built 75 years ago are still around today. It’s easy to understand why. The monocoque shell and chassis are  assembled and tested first, then everything, from appliances to floor coverings to furniture, is brought in through the door for installation. This means that when undergoing renovation and refurbishment, it’s all easily accessed, removed and replaced.
  • Unique design that cut down on wind resistance and improved fuel efficiency.
  • The shell and chassis are assembled first, before being tested in Category 2 Hurricane Force water check facilities. Then the interior skin and furniture are installed.
  • The aluminium panels and rib structure are carefully riveted together by hand using hundreds to thousands of rivets.
  • In the early ‘50s, Wally Byam began leading groups of owners on travels, where photos were taken of the trailers in front of many famous tourist sites. This promoted a mystique which surrounded and still surrounds Airstreams
  • On their return from the Moon in 1969, the crew of Apollo 11 were quarantined in the Mobile Quarantine Facility, a modified airtight Airstream trailer; and the space shuttle program has used a modified 1983 Airstream Excella, or ‘Astrovan’, since 1984.